Lasswade 10 mile road race Sunday, 1st March 2015

We had all four seasons in one race with sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow and hail. There was a great turn out from Harriers and Amy came away with some lovely prizes.

Susie Maxwell said about the race: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Lasswade AC for organising a great race today, we really appreciate you going to so much effort! The course was well marshalled and marked very clearly with no doubt as to what the route was.

Great support from the marshalls and thanks to the team of kids at the end for dishing out the medals and water – they must have been as cold as the runners were :o(

What can we say about the fantastic spread of food afterwards, it was incredible?! Please also pass on our thanks the the officials and time-keepers. Penicuik Harriers will be back next year!

mens: 11th Team
womens: 2nd Team

41 24 Sarah Mckechnie Penicuik Harriers 65.09 F
51 386 Duncan Ball Penicuik Harriers 66.14 MV O/50
55 215 Mark Snodgrass Penicuik Harriers 67.05 MV
108 13 Amy Kerr Penicuik Harriers 72.34 FV O/40
165 6 Tracy Phlip Penicuik Harriers 78.07 FV O/40
188 14 Sarah Burthe Penicuik Harriers 79.37 FV
197 89 Ian Forrest Penicuik Harriers 80.13 MV O/60
200 17 Sadie Kemp Penicuik Harriers 80.38 FV
214 8 Susan McFarlane Penicuik Harriers 82.51 F
224 26 Frances Jones Penicuik Harriers 83.50 FV O/45
235 4 Michael McComb Penicuik Harriers 85.40 M
246 287 Louise Campbell Penicuik Harriers 86.28 FV
253 10 Susie Maxwell Penicuik Harriers 87.13 FV O/40
262 278 Rachel Gavin Penicuik Harriers 88.57 F
264 320 Pamela Newport Penicuik Harriers 89.22 FV O/50
279 42 Ezmie McCutcheon Penicuik Harriers 91.05 FV
288 280 Helen Osman Penicuik Harriers 92.06 FV
339 2 Vicky Lyon Penicuik Harriers 105.39 FV

Thanks to Bob Marshall for yet more great photos!
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2 comments on Lasswade 10 mile road race Sunday, 1st March 2015

  1. michael mccomb says:

    It was the worst I’ve ever felt during a run in my life. I was so ill. I will have to do it again next year to get a better time. Great route though, very testing at times or was that just me?

  2. Susie says:

    What a race with biblical weather!!!

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