Odd Man Out

I thought that I might have to change my name in order to join the Harrier men at the Dunbar 10k: there was Michael Greens, Michael McComb, Michael Philp and me (cue for a song?). However, despite being challenged nominally, they welcomed me into the team. Turned out to be an enjoyable race over what looked like a bit of a ‘loopy’ course, but thanks to good marshalling (and over 100 people ahead of me) I manged to stay on course.  Everyone seemed happy with their run (including the other ‘non-Michaels’ Sadie and Rachel) and M Philp knocked 4 mins off his PB!

About Ian F

Live in Colinton now, so not an attendee at training. Do most of my running from home - over Capelaw, Allermuir etc and occasionally along the Water of Leith Walkway to Balerno
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  1. Susie says:

    Glad you enjoyed the race Ian 🙂

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