Dumb and Dumberer do Dumyat Hill Race

3rd in the Bog and Burn series (http://www.shr.uk.com/Championship.aspx?ChampionshipID=C-003), the Dumyat Hill Race is a surprisingly well attended (292 runners) mid-week race organised by the University of Stirling. I am not sure if this is part of an inter-University competition, but there was certainly no shortage of students from most Universities around Scotland. Mike and I felt quite old – well – he felt older – but we were determined to show that there was still life after 40 (or 50 😉 ).

Dumyat Hill Race Route

Dumyat Hill Race Route


At 7.8kms (440m) Dumyat is a relatively short race. The route starts at the Loch in the grounds of Stirling University and heads to the summit and back along a route that is essentially in 3 parts: ~1 km of relatively level fast road/track, ~0.5 kms of steep muddy technical trails through a wood and then ~1.5-2 kms rolling hummocky rising open fell which seemed never ending on the ascent. The return from the summit is fast – mostly all downhill. This is the final few kms of the Ochil 2000s (http://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk/RaceDetails.aspx?RaceID=RA-0203) and Mike and I both remembered hobbling down the same route after already running 27kms so it was nice to let the brakes off and go for it. One definitely needed studs through the forest though.

Alas, although I was only about 150m behind Mike at the summit, he had me on the downhill. Just wait until I get my new bionic knee later in the year.

Mike: 65th: 0:44:40

Moi: 83rd: 0:46:18


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  1. Bill Bennet says:

    A concise and excellent report from Rob on possibly the best race of the midweek Bog and Burn series. I used to run it and always enjoyed it – get it onto your programme for 2016.

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