2015 Penicuik 10k Road Race

Thanks to all who took part in today’s 10k Road Race – and finally, despite a worryingly damp morning, some pretty good weather and more importantly, running (and marshaling!) conditions. Well done and thanks to everyone – runners, marshals, supporters and everybody who gave up their time to make it happen.

Results are now online at http://penicuikharriers.org.uk/10k-road-race/10k-race-results/.

Category winners are also online here http://penicuikharriers.org.uk/10k-road-race/10k-race-results/race-results-category-winners/

Some video of the start and finish will follow shortly, however, in the meantime, the inescapable Bob Marshall has already uploaded his as-usual-superb photos which can be found here https://picasaweb.google.com/113562417702657933373/Penicuik10K2015. Thanks Bob!

Thanks again and see you all next year

Susie, Race Organiser

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PS Note to Gavin Lawrie – apologies, but we inadvertently gave you #84 when you should be been #64, so your results are listed under #64 (the real #84 was Anthony Bateman). If you would like your 64, please get in touch and I’ll send it to you! Apologies also to Anthony who had to struggle by with a handwritten number ;o)

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14 comments on 2015 Penicuik 10k Road Race

  1. shashi says:

    Just want to say thank you to everyone who was involved in Penicuik Harriers 10k. Everyone was very welcoming, great marshals and hospitality. Really enjoyed my first 10k and it won’t be last, love the homemade fudge.


  2. Martin Howell says:

    Hello, just a quick note to say that me and my club mate David Searil from Calderglen Harriers in East Kilbride had a thoroughly enjoyable time at your event yesterday. The marshalling, the organisation and the post race hospitality was first class. Pomathorn, which I understand is the name of beastly climb certainly put us through our paces, the rest of the course was really nice especially when we ran through the little housing development where the locals had come out in force to cheer us on – good on them! I’ll be back next year for sure and I’ll try my best to get some more of my club mates to make the journey East with me!

    • sooz says:

      Thanks for that Martin, what praise for our ‘little race with a big hill’ !!
      Pomathorn is tough but the joy of the Peebles Road downhill back into Penicuik makes up for that surely?
      I will pass on to the residents of Tipperwell Way that their encouragement was greatly appreciated.
      Please bring your clubmates next year, they are very welcome.

  3. Allan says:

    Well done, Penicuik Harriers, on organising a fantastic event. Challenging route, great marshals, superb spread afterwards, and even nice weather.

    Looking forward to next year, I’ll try and run a bit faster.

    • sooz says:

      The weather was a bonus Allan, it really helps to keep the spectators out and therefor adds to the atmosphere of the race.
      Glad you enjoyed it, Susie

  4. Ian says:

    Yesterday was a good day all around by all athletes a really enjoyable day and a very excellent job by the marshals and well done to Penicuik Harriers for organizing such a successful event.

  5. Susan Anderson says:

    First time doing this race, beautiful route if a touch hilly 🙂

    Marshalls were fantastic as were the cakes and cuppa afterwards, many thanks!

  6. Lorne Crowe says:

    Great race today and very well organised and great marshals , shame about the big hill at the start lol
    So glad I entered and be back next year ????????????
    Thank you Lorne

    • sooz says:

      I wish we could do something about the hill at the start of the race too Lorne, it always gets mentioned but no-one seems to mention the mile long downhill on the way back into Penicuik! What goes up and all that 🙂
      Thanks for making it a family affair this year, Susie

  7. Alan says:

    Another great 10k in Penicuick today. Fantastic event! Top marshalls, challenging route, sunshine and award winning flapjacks…for me – all boxes ticked!

    Here’s to next year!

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