Cateran Trail Ultra-A Grand Day Out

I had thought about doing this for some time.

Only downside to any Ultra is the rather boring, time consuming long runs in training. Reckoned with my new employment status,I wouldn’t have any shortage of time.

The day arrived, a very full one at that.Up at 0345, quick nudge for Mrs B, who was doing the initial driving so, I could wolf my porridge down on route.
Arrived at Spittal of Glenshee just after 0600 in plenty time for the 0700 start.

The route is a circular one, of 55 miles,7500 feet of ascent,the northern limit being the Spittal southern, Blairgowrie,with 6 checkpoints- feeding stations to go.through.The route is on well marked paths and winds its way through  a beautiful part of the country, oh and pretty runnable, other than the hilly bits!

Quick briefing and off we went, I ran the first hour with one of my former colleagues, who regaled me with his horror tales of the spine race, he completed in January, 270 miles non stop of the Pennine Way in the depth of Winter, boy did I feel inadequate.

Neil and I then went our separate ways and in no time the rhythm of a long day kicked in, bit of music, natter to a fellow runner, bit of food, bit of scenery.

The weather stayed kind if cold, although second half seemed to be into a headwind I ran hat and gloves on most of the way,

Felt a bit iffy in the middle part, and a section before the last checkpoint.

Recovered at the last checkpoint at Enochdhu, and felt quite good for the major hill of the day, 4 mile slog up to the bealach. Made a bit of time up and from the top saw the Spittal, 2 miles and 1000 feet below, quick look at the watch, hey, could get under 11 hours if I went for it so race face on eyeballs out and went for it.

Got to the foot Mrs B jumping about cheering me on gave me the final push, over the line in 10.56.

Hobbled up to Bunkhouse for a shower and some great food.Then home.

Now that was a day out!

Would have stayed, but crazily jumped on a plane to Cyprus the next day!!





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4 comments on Cateran Trail Ultra-A Grand Day Out

  1. WestLintonChris says:

    Amazing tale Mike – definitely fired up for this next year but realise that it’s only two weeks after Fling and two weeks before EM . . . hmmmmmm somethings gotta give – maybe another year ?

  2. Rob Wilson says:

    how’s the knee Mike?
    Respect, but it is really just a form of self abuse!!!

  3. sooz says:

    Lovely area for skiing – only nutters run there!!
    Well done crazy Mike, what a legend you are 🙂

  4. Bill Bennet says:

    Great report Mike and a great run. I don’t know the Cateran Trail but I know some of the country up there and you’re right, it’s beautiful.

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