This is a fast race with a lot of club runners, the description on the website is: ‘the route is on the open winding starting from the end of Turnhouse Road and circling Turnhouse Golf Course and Cammo. There is a fast downhill start before doubling almost towards the town and round Cammo, a good uphill is quickly followed by a sharp downturn in the road to the 3mile mark. Just before the 4 mile mark there is another incline before the course drops to a fast finish just off Turnhouse Road’. There seemed to be more uphill than down, but maybe thats just me 😉

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50 31:51:00 Derek Newport 50M
54 32:05:00 Duncan Ball 50M
72 33:29:00 Amy Kerr 40W
104 36:04:00 Michael Greens SM
116 37:13:00 Sadie Kemp SW
124 37:56:00 Ian Forrest 60M
129 38:36:00 Pamela Newport 50W
134 39:37:00 Tracy Philp 40W
149 42:26:00 Rachel McGavin SW
160 45:26:00 Julie Young 40W

Team results :
9 Penicuik Harriers 208 Derek Newport Duncan Ball Michael Greens
4 Penicuik Harriers 379 Sadie Kemp Pamela Newport Tracy Philp

Very well done to Amy Kerr for winning the W40 category, even though she was wearing a Portobello top! 🙂

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