Largo Law hill race

I didn’t manage along to this race last year, but those who ran it last time said it was a great short race, so I was really glad to run it this time. Just three hilly Harriers – me, Rob and Chris, travelled to Largo in the gorgeous weather. As usual I was running late and almost forgot my shoes, which just added to my pre-race nerves. We arrived with plenty time for warm up and stretching, (and for me, time to worry about what might lie ahead!). It was a good turnout this year, with 75 runners starting. Thankfully there was a little bit of cloud cover so it wasn’t too hot. We were assured in the pre – race briefing that the route was a straightforward out and back and was well marshalled, which was a relief for me as I had the ‘getting lost’ fear too!

We started up a short tarmac hill and were then quickly off the road and on to a trail which was very runnable, and then our first stream crossing. After that, my memory is as usual a little vague, but I just stuck with my default setting of ‘run fast, keep sight of another lady runner and pass her if you can’. We carried on through a field and then I pretty much disappeared into eye – height grass on either side of a very narrow path. Eventually it opened up as we ran up an initially gradual incline and then up a steeper hill to the foot of the Law. Then my favourite bit – the uphill! I don’t know why, but this is always the bit I find the most enjoyable – probably the change of pace after the fast run. However, I realised pretty quickly that the downhill was going to be a bit steep for my liking.

I had managed to pass the lady I’d been chasing, and then I spotted Rob a couple of places in front – a pleasant surprise, but to be short lived because then came the downhill. What can I say other than that I didn’t fall, and I was only passed by two folk, frankly a miracle with my cautious downhill approach! Rob quickly disappeared from sight, and I met Chris on his way up. My legs felt pretty done by the time I was down but I had sight of the lady who’d passed me again and I caught her as we moved into the flat ground again. Then I was basically a mad fast run all the way back, past a very nice family providing water and a very welcome soaking with their hose, and through the two stream crossings. The final sprint down the road to the finish was tough on the legs but made for a fast finish.

Great race – fast, mostly very runnable and lots of encouragement from the lovely marshals. I was very happy to be placed 2nd lady – or was that Rob?! :-). Good company and a fab way to spend an afternoon!

13th Rob Wilson 56:10
16th Gill Cairns 57:40
49th Chris Downie 1:08:37

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7 comments on Largo Law hill race

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Great result Gillian 🙂

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    I enjoyed reading your report Gillian, it took me back to many races up and down the Law. The race used to start and finish at the Hotel by the wee harbour but didn’t do the forest trails. Second Lady is excellent – CONGRATS! The other thing I remember about Largo Law was a free pint for every runner at the finish.

  3. Rob Wilson says:

    a great race to improve your stats!!!!

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