Musselburgh Festival 10k 18 Jul 15

This is a lovely coastal route which is pretty flat and is on grass, path and track. Very well organised and marshalled. It is chipped timed and this year you were able to get a print out of your time immediately at the finish.


Great turn out again from the harriers and lovely to have Dave there to support us too. Quite windy conditions with the threat of rain but it stayed dry while we were running. The wind was quite blustery and when you made the return part of the race that’s when you really felt it working against you. Nice goody bag at the end and a generous buffet and a free ice cream were also enjoyed by all.

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There are more photos here : thanks to Bob Marshall

Results: Finish position, chip time, finish time

132 Michael MCCOMB 00:46:43 00:46:59
147 Michael GREENS 00:47:27 00:47:42
148 Sadie KEMP 00:47:28 00:47:44
161 Tracy PHILP 00:48:03 00:48:17
163 Ian FORREST 00:48:08 00:48:26
175 Melanie DUNBAR 00:49:07 00:49:22
194 Ezmie MCCUTCHEON 00:50:30 00:50:45
195 Michael PHILP 00:50:33 00:50:48
205 Alan Black 00:51:24 00:51:41
213 Pamela NEWPORT 00:52:08 00:52:23
227 Lynne Stevely 00:52:57 00:53:14
228 Dyane HARVEY 00:52:54 00:53:15
263 Julie YOUNG 00:56:37 00:56:53

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2 comments on Musselburgh Festival 10k 18 Jul 15

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Sorry guys, added you in now, let me know if I have missed anyone else. There were so many of us I knew I would miss someone!

  2. David Cairns says:

    Aye, a grand race and great to see you all in “full flow”.
    Missing from results:
    Chip time Gun time
    205 Alan Black 51m24s 51m41s
    227 Lynne Stevely* 52m57s 53m14s
    * Finishing positions will be from gun time
    Well done all, an old man was very proud!

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