Tea and Medals at Ben Ledi

The last time I was up Ben Ledi was the occasion of Dave’s 60th, when a number of Harriers joined him on a trek to the summit.

This race had been postponed due to bad weather earlier in the year so Stuart and I headed up on this new date. I had fancied Ben Rinnes, but a bit of a drive. Headed through Callander to see the imposing Ben, you cant miss it, it’s the big lump on the left. Registered in a field by Loch Lubnaig, then the usual mingling about before the start and the habitual 4 seasons in half an hour as has been the Summer so far.

Off we went, pretty decent field with a good sprinkling of racing snakes, soon to disappear from sight.

The course is a 10k circular route with a 2500 foot ascent. Initially up a forest road and then onto the open hillside and the tourist path up to the shoulder and the drag up to the summit,. The weather was kind if not even a bit hot. Had a fleeting glimpse around at the cairn revealing a stunning vista. No time for gawping though, a quick traverse of the ridge then a plummet down Stank Glen, a superb techy descent, quite boggy with all the rain and eventually briefly back to the forest road, then off into the woods and over the line, in 1:09:47, Stuart had finished in 1:04:52

I got torn into several cups of tea and cake, the tea being downed in a rather nice race mug.

Stuart reckoned he may be up for a prize so we hung about (eaten alive) for the delayed Prize giving. I was sitting in the car, when much to my surprise I got called out for 3rd Super Vet, then Stu for 2nd, we were well chuffed

Back down the road for a quick pit stop in Callender for the food of champions, a pie and a bridie.

Great race and thoroughly recommend it.

Results update according to Scottish Hill Racing we were 1st and 2nd old boys.



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4 comments on Tea and Medals at Ben Ledi

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Well done guys, I love this race if I hadn’t been at Fort William I may well have joined you! 🙂

  2. Amy Kerr says:

    You are 50 Rob! Don’t kid yourself!! Well done Stuart and Mike 🙂

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done guys. I still haven’t been up Ben Ledi, the nearest I got to it was the occasion of Dave’s 60th birthday, see above, but my boots (which were almost as old as me) fell apart fairly soon after the start.

  4. Rob Wilson says:

    gawd – it’s easy once you’re 50!!

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