Linlithgow 10K 20th September 2015

Another great turn-out for the harriers. This was the first time I had done this race and it was very enjoyable, it is chip timed and there is a real buzz about the town. We got parked nice and early and picked up our numbers giving us plenty of time to grab a coffee,and indulge in some pre-race dancing to the tune of Pitbull’s ‘Don’t stop the party’ kindly played as a request by Grapevine radio.

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The route is mostly on road apart from a stretch by the water that is on track. There are some hills but nothing too drastic. The route is well marshalled and there were lots of people cheering us on as we ran. There were t-shirts, caramel wafers, bananas and water at the finish. 🙂

Results: Position, name, chip time, finish time.

26 Yan Horsburgh 00:38:58 00:39:03 +00:07:31
43 Derek NEWPORT 00:40:40 00:40:44 +00:09:12
58 Duncan BALL 00:41:49 00:41:53 +00:10:21
150 Sadie KEMP 00:46:43 00:46:54 +00:15:22
174 Rachael McGavin 00:47:17 00:47:34 +00:16:02
177 Melanie DUNBAR 00:47:23 00:47:41 +00:16:09
188 Pamela NEWPORT 00:47:47 00:48:03 +00:16:31
203 Michael GREENS 00:48:39 00:48:45 +00:17:13
220 Michael PHILP 00:49:10 00:49:27 +00:17:55
343 Julie YOUNG 00:54:51 00:55:05 +00:23:33
383 Dyane HARVEY 00:57:03 00:57:22 +00:25:50

Well done to Pamela on coming third in her category FEMALE”V50″

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2 comments on Linlithgow 10K 20th September 2015

  1. Michael Philp says:

    Great race, very happy to have got a new 10k PB, well done everyone, thanks again for the lift Sadie

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