Tinto hill race Saturday 14th November 2015

After a forecast of wind and rain it was a relief to arrive at the foot of Tinto hill to cold but dry weather. The top of the hill was shrouded in cloud and when we reached the summit there was a bit of snow just to make things more interesting. Another great turnout for harriers, some first timers to Tinto and for some a first hill race. Thanks to Michael Philp for coming along to cheer us on and take some pics. Smiles all round and back to Symington for hot soup and tea.


Distance 7 km
Climb 460 m


9 244 00:39:03.530 Stuart Sanderson
36 245 00:40:57.170 Mike Brooks
68 210 00:43:37.330 Yan Horsburgh
85 212 00:45:18.810 Michael Greens
97 178 00:46:04.460 Gillian Cairns
140 181 00:49:06.900 Andrew McDermott
155 177 00:50:54.430 Amy Kerr
165 179 00:51:45.690 Jan Dawson
178 211 00:53:06.250 Sadie Kemp
185 208 00:53:31 Christopher Downie
190 169 00:54:29 Alan Thornburrow
199 174 00:56:02 Tracy Philp
213 175 00:58:20 Rachel McGavin
221 167 00:59:57 Sean Swindells

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3 comments on Tinto hill race Saturday 14th November 2015

  1. Tracy philp says:

    Loved Tinto even trying to run back down!!!I will be back next year great turnout for the harriers.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    ! agree with Gilly, well done everyone but especially the first timers, Michael Greens who took several minutes off his 2014 time, Gillian who was 4th Lady and Stuart who was 4th slightly older man. Great for the Harriers!

  3. gilly says:

    Well done everyone, especially the first timers. What a great turn out too. Good to see so many Harriers vests. Hopefully I can join you all next year.

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