Greenmantle dash 2nd January 2016

A fantastic start to the 2016 hill race calendar. The race starts at the Broughton Brewery with a road crossing then its over a stonewall any way you can, cross playing fields avoiding falling over the playground equipment, over a fence, wade river (rather deep this year due to all the rain we have had in December) , wade a marsh, then up through fields before hitting the base of the hill. Straight up this and turn to slip and slide back down, then back across the field and river for a final dash along the road to the village hall. At the finish most of us had a dip in the river to clean off our shoes and cool our muscles. Then its inside for soup and rolls. Andrea, Gillian, Duncan, Stuart and young Lewis (doing the junior race) managed to win themselves some beer as well. Nice to see Bill and Dave there too. Results:

15 Stuart Sanderson 0:19:41
18 Duncan Ball 0:20:24
31 Rob Wilson 0:22:04
36 Gillian Cairns 0:22:59
43 Alan Dunbar 0:23:53
62 Rachael Campbell 0:26:50
64 Andrea Wilson 0:26:53
65 Sadie Kemp 0:26:55
74 Susie Maxwell 0:28:47
84 Gilly Marshall 0:32:59
86 Kirsty Loudon 0:36:18






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3 comments on Greenmantle dash 2nd January 2016

  1. Amy Kerr says:

    Fab turnout! Gillian, can you try and beat Rob next time?? I’d so love to see that 🙂

  2. Gillian Cairns says:

    Cracking race! Lots of encouragement from the marshals and nice comments about the great Harriers turnout.

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