Carnethy 5 13th February 2016




A fantastic turnout for Penicuik Harriers, the snowy conditions added to the excitement of it all. The ascents were pretty slippery in parts which Im sure slowed many of us down. However we did make up some of the time sliding back down again on our bums. It was great to see Bill, Sean, Sarah, Mike and Dave out supporting and marshalling. The route was very well marshalled this year perhaps because of the challenging conditions, as visibility wasnt great.




I personally seem to be getting slower each year although my percentage compared to the winner is improving so maybe its just down to the weather and conditions underfoot. I was unable to run last year due to being ill so was extra enthused this year. I love this race and will definitely be trying my luck for a place again next year.















56 264 01:03:14 Des Crowe
82 526 01:05:52 Stuart Sanderson
85 199 01:06:00 Duncan Ball
148 371 01:11:26 Yan Horsburgh
170 613 01:13:06 Rob Wilson
210 362 01:16:24 Alasdair Hind
230 344 01:18:03 Michael Greens
259 287 01:20:10 Allan Dunbar
276 19 01:22:01 Gillian Cairns
307 283 01:23:58 Tim Doyle
319 591 01:25:20 Robert Walker
326 446 01:25:40 Andrew McDermott
352 51 01:28:51 Jan Dawson
360 267 01:29:29 Craig Davenport
397 89 01:35:07 Sadie Kemp
398 282 01:35:09 Christopher Downie
417 278 01:37:17 William Dickson
447 113 01:42:42 Susie Maxwell
455 222 01:45:13 Andy Briggs
479 275 01:55:08 Mark Dawson






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7 comments on Carnethy 5 13th February 2016

  1. Susie says:

    Thanks for writing a report Sadie! That was some race for my 10th Carnethy 5, am sure it was the same weather that I said ‘No Way’ to a recce run round the route but on race day 499 of us set off unable to even see the hills!
    I was just ahead of Chris Downie heading up Scald Law and love listening to his chatter with whoever is around him, I must have got away from him because I didn’t hear him again until the West Kip climb and then we had a few words as he flew, yes flew down West Kip!
    Quite a good run off Carnethy because the snow was so deep, usually much swearing goes on there as I try and gallop over the heather. Nice welcome over the finish-line from my Harriers buddies, a great team turnout!
    Well done to Janice on her 21st Carnethy and Chris on his 28th – respect to you guys!

  2. Rob says:

    I had a look at running times for the leaders. Saturday’s times were their worst so no one should be unhappy with their times. We survived. 🙂

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Great report Sadie and you’re right about the Penicuik Harriers turnout, certainly the greatest number that I can remember. Well done all 20 of you plus some “Friends”. I think you’re right also about the effect of the conditions on individual times, the winner was about 8 or 9 minutes outside the record so all runners could certainly take a big lump out of their times in decent conditions. Des Crowe merits a special mention; in his first Carnethy 5 for the Harriers he was first “Penicuik resident” and 3rd “over/50”. Mind you he had already completed 22 Carnethy 5’s running for other clubs. Well done Des.

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