Galashiels Cross country 14th February 2016


We got great weather for the last of the borders cross country season. There was snow on the ground but the weather was crisp and we even got a bit of sunshine. The course goes through the woods then out over the fields, then back through the woods with a couple of stream crossings. The most challenging part for me was the wooden walkways which were pretty slippery and I felt like I was going to career off the side of one. After the race there was food at the ‘Focus Centre’ and we all got a medal to cherish. 🙂







43 476 29:21 Michael Greens
44 807 29:24 Kevin Anderson
67 494 31:39 Gillian Cairns
76 564 32:39 Zoe Fowler
80 461 32:59 Tracy Philp
82 515 33:21 Ian Forrest
83 529 33:42 Rachael Campbell
86 473 33:46 Sadie Kemp
92 805 34:49 Chris Downie
108 462 37:55 Michael Philp
123 516 45:50 Margaret
125 501 46:12 Kirsty Loudon



Well done to our juniors, we are so proud of you.


77 179 18:08 Lewis Cairns
80 199 18:50 Holly Dawson



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3 comments on Galashiels Cross country 14th February 2016

  1. sarah B says:

    Great work cross country harriers! Fantastic to see some junior harriers running too- well done everyone.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Some great photographs in the report showing lovely sunny snowy conditions, much better weather than yesterday’s Carnethy 5 conditions. Galashiels was one of my favourite Borders XC courses and I remember well finishing some years ago to a chorus of “Happy Birthday” rendered by lots of Harriers. Happy days!
    Well done to all of you who completed the series and got your medals; and special well done’s (if there’s such a word) to Holly Dawson, 5th F8-9; Lewis Cairns, 5th M8: Michael Greens, 5th MJ; Gillian Cairns, 5th F40; and Ian Forrest, 4th M60.

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