Glentress Trail races, saturday 27th February 2016


We got fantastic weather for the trail races at Glentress, with clear blue skies, bright sunshine and a light breeze. It was quite cold waiting for the start and people were joking that the water en route had frozen. The routes were hilly as could be expected as they snaked around the forest following cycle tracks. It was great to see Sarah popping up all over the place taking pictures and offering sweets.




I ran with a friend and I will admit we chatted most of the way. I had a cold and was feeling less than energetic. I was worried that I would struggle with the 2 loop course. It did help that lap 1 ended on a nice downhill stretch, the last couple of miles flying by. I refilled my drinking bottle and ate a couple of cereal bars at the halfway point and washed them down with a cup of cola. The first few miles of the route were mostly uphill, I had ran some of this section on the first lap, but mostly walked it the second time. There were some lovely stretches of winding trail and every few miles the forest opened to give a fantastic view of the surroundings. The route was well marked, although a few people did manage to take a wrong turn near the beginning. It was strange that although I was more tired I think I enjoyed the second lap more as the runners were more spaced out and I wasn’t being constantly overtaken by the faster runners and the half marathoners. I feel very happy to have completed my first marathon of 2016. Well done to all those who took part, at all the distances. A very special congratulations to Jan at getting 4th woman in her race.


48 Julie Young 01:12:06
49 Alan Black 01:12:08
50 Emma Baird 01:12:11



Half marathon
50 Jan Dawson 02:08:15
149 Michael Philp 02:51:53


44 Yan Horsburgh 04:39:15 (lap 1 1.59.36, lap 2 2.39.38)
77 Sadie Kemp 05:16:33 (lap 1 2.26.41, lap 2 2.49.52)
87 Tracy Philp 05:26:58 (lap1 2.37.16, lap 2 2.49.43)
118 Gilly Marshall 06:18:35 (lap 1 2.53.31, lap 2 3.25.04)
Vicky Lyon (lap 1 03:28:26)



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2 comments on Glentress Trail races, saturday 27th February 2016

  1. Tracy philp says:

    Great report Sadie and a big thanks to Sarah for being able to see us on the course so many times.Have to say I also enjoyed the 2nd loop much more than the 1st and glad my ankle was ok to.Got asked at the finish from another runner would you do it again?Yes!!!

  2. Jan says:

    Well done Sadie, you looked really strong when I saw you. Massive respect to all those who made it round that route twice, it was a beast! Seemed to keep climbing uphill forever. Beautiful route though and very well organised. Think I’d wear my fell shoes next time though.

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