Rigg Race 2016


I had wanted to do this race for some time, so when Mel and Jan mentioned it on Facebook I was tempted. When Jan suggested we indulge in a bit of fancy dress I was sold on the idea. We got money off the race entry for making the effort too. We had Jan the Zombie, Michael the Pirate and I was a fairy. When we arrived at registration there were a lot of club vests and we appeared to be the only ones in costume. So we started our warmup and tried to blend in.




Nearer the start nuns, clowns and spartans to name but a few began to appear and we were reassured that we had not fallen for a dastardly trick. The race is 2 miles up, 2 miles along and 2 miles down roughly, so after the hill you can really let yourself go and enjoy the downhill. I enjoyed it so much I tweaked my hamstring slightly and was grateful to Jan for some ‘biofreeze’to ease it. This was a really fun race with a lovely atmosphere and lots of locals out to give support. There was one water station halfway round but although it was a warm evening I didn’t need to stop. At the finish we were handed a bag with water, a banana, a cereal bar and a voucher for a free coffee at ‘Craigdon mountain sports’. I just might have to go along for that coffee and a browse….



21 37:45 Derek Newport
46 41:41 Michael Greens
47 41:44 Kevin Anderson
66 43:07 Jan Dawson
90 44:45 Sadie Kemp
108 47:22 Mel Dunbar

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  1. Jan says:

    Great report, Sadie. I think we blended in quite well!

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