Edinburgh marathon and half marathon 2016

We got great weather for the 2 races with it just becoming too warm in the last few miles of the marathon. Some great times for the harriers well done all. 🙂

Half marathon:
534 Rachel Drummond (17412) 1h 33m 51s (6th in age category)
790 William Dickson (16318) 1h 36m 59s
1231 Louise Campbell (18680) 1h 41m 4s
1592 Rachel Mcgavin (19917) 1h 44m 19s
1674 Ezmie Mccutcheon (19514) 1h 44m 59s
3333 Ngeme Ntuli (24849) 1h 55m 31s
6775 Sandra Vick (26702) 2h 19m 16s

1160 Sadie Kemp (3604) 3h 38m 46s
2397 Tracy Philp (5133) 3h 59m 44s
5300 Christopher Burns (10292) 4h 58m 52s
6233 Vicki Lyon (12351) 5h 41m 53s

Well done to our hairy haggis team (position 83 out of 429) :
1st Leg Mark Snodgrass (8.3 miles) : 1h 5m 34s
2nd Leg Eugenio Garcia (5.5 miles) : 43m 38s
3rd Leg Julie Young (8 miles) : 1h 16m 27s
4th Leg Michael Philp (4.4 miles) : 37m 44s
Gun Time:3h 44m 41

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  1. Gillian Cairns says:

    Just reading this now – amazing number of Harriers, and brilliant running!

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