Red Moss Kips Race

On Wednesday night, 12 hilly Harriers turned up for this fast but fun hill race. It was a lovely sunny evening, though a bit on the warm side. For some of us, this was our third race in a week (getting my excuses in early!). The course was incredibly dry, not very typical of our usual hill runs, making for some slightly slippy moments in hill shoes. It’s such a fast run and I was really glad to reach the Kips so that I could slow down. My legs were reasonably ok until the final plunge down the tarmac hill, and was also passed by two speedy ladies in the last couple of minutes of the race. I really needed Rachel Cambell’s legs at that point for a final

As usual a great race to do, but it never gets easier! I think all of us were very happy with our times too. Nobody got lost / ended up back in Penicuik instead of at the finish, so all good. Great representation from Penicuik Harriers too! Well done all.

28 Des Crowe 0:49:55
44 Billy Colvin 0:53:06
68 Gill Cairns 0:56:49
71 James Bell 0:57:38
74 Michael Greens 0:58:51
80 Tim Doyle 1:00:08
86 Jan Dawson 1:01:16
87 Chris Downie 1:01:25
95 Tracy Philp 1:03:09
99 Mel Dunbar 1:05:54
100 Sadie Kemp 1:06:05
109: Michael Philp 1:09:15

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  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    I agree Gillian, it was unusually warm for a hill race, at least the midges weren’t as bad as last year!

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