Lee Pen Hill race 2016



Distance 5 km
Climb 502 m


There were a total of 24 runners in this race. It’s short and sharp and a lot of fun. The race forms part of the ‘St. Ronan’s Border Games – Innerleithen’s Festival.
“Scotland’s Oldest Organised Sports Meeting, incorporating the Festival of St. Ronan”
There was a great atmosphere with spectators out for the day with their fold out chairs and bottles of cider. The ‘shows’ were on for the kids and there had been a parade and other events on throughout the day. The race starts in Victoria park where you do a circuit of the park, whilst sprint races are going on, then you run up through the streets and then into the woods, there is a short section here that feels a bit like a cross country race then you are out on to the hill where it is up, up up. The path becomes a bit rocky near the top. You head for the cairn where some marshalls mark your hand with pen to show you have made it to the top. Then you turn round and retrace your steps to the finish line. This was Daniel’s first hill race and was a great one for beginners.







full results and pics

Rachael and I were the only 2 ladies competing. Rachael got first lady and won herself some cash. 🙂

12= Michael Greens 00:33:17
18 Rachel Lees 00:38:08
19 Sadie Kemp 00:39:30
20 Chris Downie 00:39:41
22 Daniel Greens 00:41:20

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2 comments on Lee Pen Hill race 2016

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    A wee bit unkind Rob, not like you at all! Congrats to all; but particularly to Rachael (you can only beat those who turn up for the race, just ignore Rob) and a WELL DONE to Daniel completing his first hill race.

  2. Rob Wilson says:

    woo hoo – 1st and 2nd ladies!!!

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