Cairn table hill race Wednesday 20 July 2016

This report is being written rather late, but the pictures of leaping harriers were so fantastic I thought they should appear here.
After basking in the hot sun whilst waiting for a lift to the race it was quite a shock to arrive at registration to be met with cold winds and the threat of rain. The hill itself could not be seen and I gestured in it’s general direction and told Michael, ‘it’s over there somewhere you can’t miss it’. Not only did we have the temperature to contend with but the midgies who were savage and outdid their highland cousins in their lust for human blood.

Auld Scotland, on thy bonnie face,
Whan Mither Nature gied ye grace,
Lown, birken glens an floery braes,
Wild windy ridges,
To save ye frae deleerit praise,
She gied ye midges.


The race soon began and on the way to the foot of the hill, I and many others, fell victim to the swamp-like terrain and went in knee deep or worse. Careful footing is needed in this race approaching the hill (marsh) and then once on the hill (rocks). The mist was thick on the top and as previously road cones were strategically placed to show us the way, I found these particularly useful on the return journey. Once at the finish we all scarpered quickly as the midgies were swarming like runners at a post-race buffet.






16 98 Stuart Sanderson 40.08
19 104 Rob Wilson 41.04
24 103 Michael Greens 41.57
51 91 Chris Downie 50.43
53 102 Sadie Kemp 52.45

Finish-line pictures:






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2 comments on Cairn table hill race Wednesday 20 July 2016

  1. Amy Kerr says:

    I love this race! Well done 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Sittin’ here scratching as I read! Very atmospheric. Well done all!

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