Glasgow Clyde marathon AUG. 28, 2016

This race was run mostly along riverside footpaths of the River Clyde, River Kelvin and Forth Clyde Canal, I had thought that would mean the route would be flat but my garmin tells me there was 605ft of gain. There were around 8 road crossings I think, one being a fly over. I took full advantage of the road crossings in central Glasgow where waiting for buses to pass gave me a much needed breather. The paths were quite busy in the second half of the race with dog walkers, cyclists and a few hundred people on a sponsored walk going in the other direction, luckily our route only clashed for a short time. Many people we passed shouted encouragement and none seemed to mind giving over their serene towpaths to a bunch of sweaty panting runners.
‘Along the way you go past some of Glasgow’s main tourist attractions:
Kelvingrove Museum, Riverside Museum, SEC Hydro, Science Centre, Tall Ship, Glasgow University, People’s Palace, Glasgow Green, Botanic Gardens, a whisky distillery, 4 whisky bonds and best of all… almost a dozen pubs.’
I enjoyed the variety in the race, as much as I love running along beside a canal it can get a bit tedious so to have all these sights along the way really kept the interest going and the miles melted away.


As far as my running went, during the first half of the race I felt great and passed a station where the marshal said ‘well done you are 3rd lady’, I started dreaming of getting my hands on a medal (they were only giving them out to the first 3 men and women finishers). Then a while later at the next station I was 4th lady, (the dream was still alive and I told myself maybe I would make up the distance later in the race). After the halfway point, where more and more runners started to pass me, reality had set in and I decided I didn’t need a medal as I had loads already and I just wanted to finish strong. My garmin was telling me I was slowing and I did my best not to get disheartened. In the final few miles my legs started threatening to cramp and at this point I did not care what my finish place or time was I just wanted to get to the end without collapsing in a heap, I’m generally not bothered by cramp but I think the miles of tarmac didn’t agree with me, I am better suited to trail. I usually bring ‘zero’ tabs with me to put in the water but like a fool I had forgotten to pack them this time and I was cursing myself as I felt my legs starting to twinge. I finally got there without any drama and glugged down a can of coke. Then it was off to Dumbarton Academy for a hot shower after which I felt restored and went back to watch the prize giving.


This was the first time this marathon had taken place and the organisers did a fantastic job. There were loads of water stations with gels, bananas, pretzles, jelly babies and coke (surprised it wasn’t Irn Bru). I didn’t carry any of my own provisions and only took a gel and some water in the first half. In the second half of the race I had a cup of water and a cup of coke at each station and a few gels too. The coke really helped as it is one of those things I often look forward to on a long hot run, but the gassiness is a bit troublesome. There was also hot food at the finish but as I don’t eat wheat the pasta etc wasnt appealing for me, but many runners were enjoying it. Billy and Michael chauffeured me to the start and picked me up at the finish. But as the race is run pretty much from Newton train station to Dumbarton East train station it is possible to leave your car at the start and then take a train back after the race. The race was well marked and marshalled, chip timed and we were kept informed in the run up to the race of a route change that had to be made. there hasn’t been a Glasgow marathon since 1988 when the old race was shortened to a half and there seems to be a great many runners who would like to see its return so I hope this race will be back next year.

66th out of 161 runners
10th female
6th FV40
Average pace 8:52/M
Scratch time 3:52:06

My mapmyrun data:
Full results:

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5 comments on Glasgow Clyde marathon AUG. 28, 2016

  1. gilly says:

    Only you would run a marathon the week before the Ben Nevis hill race. Well done on your result, especially since it sounds like you had a lot of traffic both cars and people to contend with.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Sadie, I found your report quite fascinating. I was born and brought up in Glasgow and lived in Dumbarton, quite close to Dumbarton East Station. So most of the route was very familiar to me.

  3. sarah burthe says:

    That’s fantastic Sadie, great placings and another marathon under your belt- you are becoming quite a pro!

  4. Gillian Cairns says:

    Well done, Sadie! Good placing. Now hope you’re having a quieter week before Saturday! :-)x

  5. Rob Wilson says:

    nay bad old gal!!!!

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