Linlithgow 10K 2016

We arrived nice and early as was suggested in the race instructions, so once we had collected our numbers, Yan, me and Michael went to a nice little coffee shop and enjoyed a drink. Michael was suffering from a head cold so was dosing up on orange juice, Yan and me opted for a hot drink, and Yan took it even further and had a bacon roll. I think he lived to regret this as he saw it again later during the race.
Once we left the warmth of the coffee shop we went back to the car and got rid of excess baggage. Michael continued to pre-hydrate with some lucozade.


Then we went to meet up with the rest of the gang for some prerace chatter. There was a cool breeze but in the sunshine it felt hot, and once I was running it felt very hot. I was glad of some water en route. I was so thirsty, was it the running or the after effects of the harriers social at the crown the night before? Answers on a postcard.





The 10K starts on the High steet and heads west, then follows a scenic route around the town, along by Linlithgow Loch and then finally ends in the Linlithgow Palace Peel. It is quite a hilly 10K, its well organised and chip timed. You can get your time printed straight after the race which is always good.




You also get a t-shirt (loving the green this year) and there were massages on offer for those that could bear it.





Derek NEWPORT 00:39:04
Yan HORSBURGH 00:39:52
Rachel Drummond 00:42:47
Michael GREENS 00:44:41
Charles Crawford 00:46:30 (recently joined, our 100th member at the club)
Sadie KEMP 00:47:48
Pamela NEWPORT 00:50:46
Julie YOUNG 00:57:09

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3 comments on Linlithgow 10K 2016

  1. Jan Dawson says:

    Well done, all! Impressive efforts on a hilly route – no problem for a Penicuik Harrier 😉

  2. Gillian Cairns says:

    Well done to you all, sounds like a lovely 10k route. Sadie – don’t know how you managed that after the harriers pub trip, extra kudos to you :-)!

  3. Amy Kerr says:

    Well done guys! And an extra special well done Sadie for doing this after our Harriers night out 🙂 x

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