Glentress Trail Races 2017

The weather wasn’t quite as bad as forecast, although a little windy and rainy. Most of us were quite overdressed and didn’t get far from the start before we started taking off jackets and layers. The first lap of this race is quite manic as you are being overtaken by the 21k-ers for a considerable length of it. The second lap is much more enjoyable as you have more space to run at your own pace. It was great to see Rachael Lees and Sarah McKecknie at the halfway point where we picked up our drop bags. Their smiles and hugs gave me a great lift.

Out on the hill was much less sheltered and considerably colder.

This part of the track resembled a stream and there was no way to keep your feet dry here.

The steepest of the hills and a real calf burner.

I was trying out my new ankle gaiters and they were great for keeping out the debris even if I did still have wet feet.

213 503 Andy Briggs m Male 17-39 2:42:42
325 754 Mandy Macmillan f Female 17-39 3:00:38

92 1126 Sadie Kemp f Female 40-49 5:31:18
97 1073 Tim Doyle m Male 50-59 5:34:18
98 1219 Tracy Philp f Female 40-49 5:34:51
115 1154 Gilly Marshall f Female 40-49 5:51:09
148 1157 Susie Maxwell f Female 40-49 6:12:26

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  1. sarah burthe says:

    Well done everyone- that’s a super tough course- don’t know how you all have the strength of mind to do that second lap!! Very well done indeed.

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