Long way for a 10k

As part of Margaret’s training for the Vienna Marathon next month, she wanted a couple of 10k races and the Elgin / Milton Duff 10k was one of the chosen ones. It was a great day for a race, first time this year with no gloves, no thermals, no waterproofs – just a buff to protect my baldy heid from the sun (temperature 17 deg). Course was all road, and someone described it as ‘undulating but fast’, I could only agree with the first of those adjectives, but it had some great views.

Lovely friendly crowd and I could be easily persuaded to give it another go.

One thing I’d never seen before – the race organiser won the race; over to you Susie!


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    Live in Colinton now, so not an attendee at training. Do most of my running from home - over Capelaw, Allermuir etc and occasionally along the Water of Leith Walkway to Balerno
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    1. Dave says:

      Sounds grand Ian. Good luck to Margaret on her Vienna training and in the marathon. Hope she’s gong to fly the Harriers colours!

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