Deuchary Hill Canter

On Sunday 7 Harriers set off to run this race, the longer of two hill races last weekend at Birnam, Dunkeld, and part of the Highland Boundaries series. The race is just over 19 kilometres with 700m elevation, with lots of forest trail and a lovely hill. We were really lucky with the weather – pretty much unbroken sunshine, but this made for a very sweaty run!

Having said I’d never run this race, as we approached the car park I began to get a sense of having been there before – worryingly I ran it just last year. It’s been a busy year, but still…..then I began to wonder if I’d been so traumatised by it last time that my mind had blocked it out!

The start was very relaxed – except when race organiser Adrian told us that some of the course markers had been removed, cue utter panic for those of us who are not so hot on the map skills and prone to getting a wee bit lost! However, as it turned out the route was actually really well marked, with helpful marshals too.

The route is mostly runnable, except for Deuchary Hill, which was a welcome chance to stop running and slow the pace a bit. The view up there was just amazing, snowy hill tops in the distance. If I’d had food, I might just have stopped for a picnic – summer may have come and gone :-). I’d spotted Michael on the climb up, but he vanished quickly from
sight on the descent.

I was relieved to reach a point where I realised the finish was close, I definitely didn’t drink enough on the way round and the surprising heat did take its toll a bit. Stuart, Rob and Michael were in, and Gregor arrived soon after, looking extremely fresh and clearly fitter than he was giving himself credit for! Then Sadie and Andrea finished – both smiling as always!

This is a lovely race with lots of trail and a great slightly longer one even if you’re not so keen on hills. Hopefully I will actually remember it this time around when it comes to booking races next year! It was a good turnout for us Harriers, which was commented on. Go us :-)!

Stuart 12 1:37:41
Rob 17 1:45:04
Michael 18 1:49:48
Gill 20 1:50:42 3rd lady
Gregor 35 1:58:20
Sadie 41 2:04:34
Andrea 45 2:08:26

PBs for me, Andrea and Rob – Stuart managing to get the same time as his previous PB!

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5 comments on Deuchary Hill Canter

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Well done Gill on another marvellous performance. What a lovely day out it was and lots of PBs including me by nearly 10 minutes! 🙂

  2. Gregor Gorjanc says:

    Very nice and runnable trail with gorgeous weather. Will definitely come bac.

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Great to see so many really good performances by the Harriers at Deuchery, and, as Rob says, special mention of Gillian 1st O/40 and 3rd lady overall.

  4. Rob Wilson says:

    modest as usual – Gill 1st lady in her age category

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