Magnificent 7 at the Seven hills of Edinburgh

It was a hot and clammy day for the race this year. With many of us struggling in the heat. Allan, Michael and Tracy were new to the event but all managed to successfully navigate the unmarked course. I got a minature of whisky for doing the double (Edinburgh marathon as well). It was my fifth time doing the challenge and I will without doubt be back again. This is such a special race unlike any other.

102 2:26:18 Allan Dunbar
152 2:40:12 Kevin Anderson
171 2:47:37 Michael Greens

42 2:44:14 Sadie Kemp
94 2:56:56 Tracy Philp
114 3:02:06 Gilly Marshall
123 3:04:29 Melanie Dunbar

Full results here:

David Cairns’ pics:

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  1. Dave says:

    Maybe “only” 15 miles or so, depending upon route choice, but it always felt like a marathon to me. Well done everyone.

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