Eildon Three Hill Race 24-Jun-2017

It was a sunny day for the race this year, but pretty windy which meant you were blown about on the hill tops. It was especially bad when it hit you from the side and nearly blew you off your feet. The views were as always lovely up there and the ferns and purple heather on the hills so pretty. Well worth the drive down to Melrose.

Pos. Hour/Min/Sec Name
22 47/8 Michael Greens
35 48/48 Mike Brooks
53 54/49 Juliane Friedrich
62 59/24 Sadie Kemp
72 1/2/42 Scott McIntosh

Full results here: http://galaharriers.co.uk/results/eildon-three-hill-race-24th-june-2017/

Michael got 2nd in his category and I got third in mine. Unfortunately we didn’t hang round for the prize giving.


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2 comments on Eildon Three Hill Race 24-Jun-2017

  1. Gill Cairns says:

    Well done folks, sad to have missed this lovely race! Great placing too, Michael and Sadie!

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    The Eildon 2 Hill race was one of my favourites, the 3 hill race must be 150% better. Well done all but particularly to Michael and Sadie. I recognised quite a number of names among the finishers; but 2 names did strike me, Bob Johnston, who participated in our Hillend Hill Reps sessions a few years ago and David Allsop, a member of Penicuik Harriers about 15 years ago.

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