Red Moss Kips Race 21-Jun-2017

We started the race in clammy weather, not long in the thunder and lightnening started so that by the time we were on the kips we were in a storm. A marshal diverted the later runners off the second peak so we skirted East Kip and headed down out of the downpour. I really enjoyed the torrent that followed, it was very exhilarating to run through such a deluge and it wasn’t that cold. We didn’t hang around long at the finish as we were soaked to the skin and as the rain eased the midges came out in abundance. A great turnout from the harriers and some very competitive times.

23 Des Crowe M50 0:50:07
24 Billy Colvin M40 0:50:13
35 Stuart Sanderson M50 0:52:22
36 Duncan Ball M50 0:52:46
46 Michael Greens M 0:54:20
54 Mike Brooks M50 0:56:21
55 Alan Dunbar M40 0:58:11
74 Gregor Gorjanc M 1:02:09
81 Chris Downie M50 1:04:21
84 Juliane Friedrich F 1:04:48
88 Andrea Wilson F40 1:06:09
91 Sadie Kemp F40 1:07:07
105 Romana Gorjanc F40 1:35:17

Full results here:

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One comment on Red Moss Kips Race 21-Jun-2017

  1. Dave says:

    Looks like “dreich” might be used to describe the conditions, you won’t have overheated then? Well done all!

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