Lee Pen Hill Race 15-Jul-2017

Distance 4.8 km
Climb 350 m

This is a short and sweet race. As part of the St. Ronan’s Border Games there are lots of sprint races going on at the same time in Victoria park where the race starts and finishes. There is a great atmosphere and plenty of ice-cream on sale for after the race. I have taken part in this event before but still managed to miss the markers coming back down and ran too far along the hill so that when I did descend I had missed the path and had to make a very undignified gallop through the ferns. It was none the less very enjoyable and I will be back next year. Maybe we could put it in the hill grand prix as it is only 1 pound to enter and its a lovely drive down to Innerleithen.

Here is the ‘relive’ of my race: https://video.relive.cc/strava_1084454807_1500132166252.mp4?x-ref=og

10 Michael Greens 0:31:06 120.9%
20 Rachel Lees 0:39:14 152.6%
21 Daniel Greens 0:40:52 158.9%
22 Sadie Kemp 0:42:56 166.9%

Full results: http://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk/RaceResults.aspx?RaceID=RA-0149&RaceYear=2017
Thanks to Lauren Corbs for the race photos.

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One comment on Lee Pen Hill Race 15-Jul-2017

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done Sadie and the boys and Rachel who does not have to travel all that far to the race start. Great run by Michael to finish 10th, though I noticed that it was Rachael who figured prominently in the photos.

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