Kelso 10 K

A lovely run around the grounds of Floors Castle, Amy got first lady (in the wrong vest!) and Ian got 3rd in his category.

17 00:41:23 Michael Greens
22 00:41:58 Allan Dunbar
23 00:42:05 Amy Kerr
51 00:46:15 Gordon Campbell
63 00:47:16 Ian Forrest
83 00:48:57 Sadie Kemp

Full Results :

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3 comments on Kelso 10 K

  1. Raymond says:

    Well done everyone! Super run Amy!!

  2. Dave says:

    Great effort everyone. Ian continues to mature and improve with age but in the interest of political correctness I’d better not say the same for Amy (but if I think it that should be OK and I therefore think she does), well done both of you!

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Good to see some Harriers and a friend at Kelso. It’s a lovely estate, though the last time I was there The Borders XC took us over the horse jumps. Particularly well done to Amy, 1st lady and Ian, 3rd in his category.

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