North Berwick Law Race 2nd August 2017

Distance 4.8 km
Climb 180 m

Race info:

Just the two of us from harriers for the race this year. Thankfully there was a break in the rain that had been ever present in recent days. The ground underfoot was a little damp so the Law was a bit slippery on the downhill. The piper was there again this year which always gives me a boost as you run back through the town. The street was lined with people and lots of children were eager to give highfives. Its becoming a habit that our little family go for fish and chips after the race and the promise of this is what occupied my mind for most of the run. A most enjoyable evening!


17 Michael Greens 23.22
108 Sadie Kemp 30.42

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4 comments on North Berwick Law Race 2nd August 2017

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done again Michael and Sadie; you certainly keep the Harriers vest to the fore. I don’t understand why more of our runners don’t do The Law. It’s a great wee race and, as Sadie says, there’s always lots of support down the Main Street; and there’s great fish and chips!

  2. Brian Pendreigh says:

    Well done Sadie. Bit slippery meant cracked ribs and broken wrist for one runner. (Not me.) I came across your report while searching (in vain) for results.

  3. Gill Cairns says:

    Well done, especially just before the Devil – hope you enjoyed your well earned fish and chips! ;-)!

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