Jedburgh Ultra Marathon and Relay 2017

A very enjoyable and fun event for all of us who took part. There was a nice bit of competition between the 2 teams Too Many Cuiks (Hawaiians) and Peni Coo Coo Katchoo (Ninjas). Chris Downie was out supporting, Susie Maxwell was marshalling, tail running and supporting. Aldo was marshalling and dishing out hugs. Course PBs for Tracy, Gilly and Sadie and Jan was fourth lady. Our teams did fantastically too taking third and fourth spot. I think most of us will be back next year for more!

Individual results:
Overall Finish Time to CP1 CP2 CP3 CP4 finish

44 Jan Dawson 06:48:11 F 01:32:12 01:14:59 01:09:29 01:10:05 01:41:26

81 Sadie Kemp 07:26:43 F 01:35:40 01:21:05 01:07:44 01:19:01 02:03:13

89 Tracy Philp 07:38:01 F 01:40:14 01:26:18 01:12:48 01:20:16 01:58:25

95 Tim Doyle 07:41:18 M50 01:40:18 01:26:47 01:12:01 01:20:35 02:01:37

111 Gilly Marshall 07:58:16 F 01:40:16 01:30:13 01:15:06 01:25:19 02:07:22

147 Mark Dawson 08:51:41 M 01:42:30 01:30:46 01:25:55 01:33:20 02:39:10

Full results:

Team results:

3 Too Many Cuiks MIXED 05:57:01 01:33:29 01:22:43 00:44:26 00:56:55 01:19:28

4 Peni Coo Coo Katchoo MIXED 05:59:41 01:16:33 01:20:12 00:58:36 00:58:53 14:01:41 (can’t be right!)

Full results:

Some highlights:

My relive:

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4 comments on Jedburgh Ultra Marathon and Relay 2017

  1. Duncan says:

    Well done you lot. Gutted that I missed out due to illness – will be back next year.

  2. Gregor says:

    It was great fun for the relay teams. I still do not get it how the ultras can manage such lengths. Hats off.

    Does anyone understand the time splits for relay teams? I did the last leg (10m) and no way I ran it in 56min.

    • Jan Dawson says:

      Hi Gregor, the last leg time was hidden underneath the results, and yours was actually 01:19:28, so still very impressive! Ultra next year then? 🙂

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