Dunbar Cross Country Sunday, November 26, 2017

A passel from Penicuik made the trip to Dunbar this year where clear skies and sunshine were enjoyed by all. A huddle of harriers took an after run dip in the water to ease tired muscles and raise spirits on a cold November day.



25 Billy Colvin M40+ Male 27:56.50
60 Michael Greens MS Male 31:30.70
63 Allan Dunbar M40+ Male 31:36.30
65 Gregor Gorjanc MS Male 31:41.70
74 Gillian Cairns F40+ Female 32:31.90
90 Alasdair Hind M40+ Male 33:48.00
96 William Dickson M50+ Male 33:57.10
106 Ian Forrest M60+ Male 34:33.90
110 Robin Hall M40+ Male 34:42.70
113 Jan Dawson F40+ Female 35:05.80
114 Charlie Crawford MS Male 35:11.70
122 Daniel Greens MS Male 36:17.70
132 Julie Hand FS Female 36:59.60
137 Sadie Kemp F40+ Female 37:25.10
144 Juliane Friedrich FS Female 37:42.20
145 Tracy Philp F40+ Female 37:48.70
153 Chris Downie M50+ Male 38:10.90
159 Gilly Marshall F40+ Female 38:42.90
170 Andrew McDermott MS Male 40:21.60
199 Romana Gorjanc F40+ Female 45:19.40
212 Margaret Forrest F50+ Female 47:36.50



84 Calum Hind M10-11 Male 20:21.20
106 Duncan Hind M8-9 Male 24:00.30
107 Glen Dawson M8-9 Male 24:00.80

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3 comments on Dunbar Cross Country Sunday, November 26, 2017

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Great to see so many Penicuik Harriers at Dunbar. Dave’s right, cooling down aching muscles makes recovery much quicker.

  2. Dave says:

    Great efforts from our Juniors too, hope you all enjoyed the experience and you’ll be back for more.

  3. Dave says:

    Great efforts all ’round and hats off to those having a “recovery dip”, you’ll feel th e benefit today.

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