Feel the Burns 21-Jan-2018

A shortened route due to the snow.
My Strava made it 7.6miles 2,290ft ascent.
We started at the Corby Lynne car park (not the field). The route was the same as usual until you got to the 3 Brethren (2nd checkpoint). You then headed down to join the drove road which took you over onto foulshiels. Then it was down to the 3rd checkpoint at the woods (and boardwalk). You turned to join the usual track back up foulshiels and the 4th checkpoint. Route was as normal after that, along foulshiels to Tibbies and then left down to the reservoir, returning by the same track to the finish. The route was well marked with yellow flags and arrows. There were plenty of marshalls ensuring no-one took a wrong turn and mountain rescue were there as well. Hats off to them for standing around in blizzard conditions so we could run.

A really enjoyable run/hike/slide and I am so glad they shortened it and did not cancel. It was snowing during the race which made it a challenge to see where the path was. In parts the route was a channel in the snow which was knee deep in places. The track at the beginning and end was very icy so runners were cautious. We were all glad of the hot food back at the rugby club afterwards. Unfortunately Mike didn’t finish the race due to injury. Congratulations to Gillian Cairns on her 1st FV40 place!

Pos. Runner Category Time %Winner
37 Michael Greens M 01:24:00 121.10%
46 Rob Wilson M40 01:27:31 126.20%
49 Gregor Gorjanc M 01:28:27 127.50%
59 Allan Dunbar M40 01:30:46 130.90%
60 Gillian Cairns F40 01:30:50 131.00%
124 Daniel Greens M 01:44:53 151.20%
125 Sadie Kemp F40 01:45:24 152.00%
126 Gilly Marshall F40 01:45:42 152.40%

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5 comments on Feel the Burns 21-Jan-2018

  1. Gregor says:

    This was a brilliant run. I dashed through all the descents without any fear, since a fall would have been well “cushioned“ by snow;) in parts it was very tricky to follow the trodden path due to “whiteout” and the last bit was full of ice covered with fresh snow, which made the final descent tough. Looking forward to the full version next year.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    What a great turnout by Penicuik Harriers on a tough course without snow; the snow would make it even tougher. Some great running especially by Gillian but you all did well. Congrats. Sorry to hear about Mike’s injury.

  3. Gill Cairns says:

    It was a lot of fun but as Sadie and Gilly say, good that the route was shortened – for us and for the brilliant marshals.

  4. Dave says:

    Sadie I’m sure the marshals will appreciate your vote of thanks if any read our website, if you guys found it tough, what about these guys out there for probably a couple of hours with no shelter. Conditions certainly looked pretty tough and the lead runners doing the trail breaking will have found it particularly hard going.
    Big pat on the back to Gillian again and hats off to you all, well done.

  5. Gilly says:

    I really enjoyed this race, so glad they did not cancel but pleased they shortened it especially as the snow really started to come down at the end and I was struggling to see where I was going. One I will remember for a long time 🙂

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