Peebles – Borders cross country Sunday, February 4, 2018

Another tremendous turnout for the Penicuik Harriers at the cross country on sunday. We were treated to mild weather and sunshine. It was great to see Bill and Sarah there marshalling and Rachael was there at the finish too. The race was enjoyed by all, although Allan was enjoying it so much he did a bit extra. Daniel fell and hurt his hand so that wasn’t so good and this slowed his time also. A few of us went into the Tweed afterwards to get the mud off.

Massive well done to our juniors:

100 Calum Hind M10-11 11 Male 13:01.0
105 Glen Dawson M8-9 8 Male 13:42.8
106 Duncan Hind M8-9 8 Male 14:10.9

Full Results:

29 Billy Colvin M40+ Male 29:10.2
45 Michael Greens MS Male 31:02.3
96 William Dickson M50+ Male 35:55.3
104 Robin Hall M40+ Male 36:35.8
108 Juliane Friedrich FS Female 37:10.3
113 Charlie Crawford MS Male 37:38.4
121 Sadie Kemp F40+ Female 38:10.9
122 Jan Dawson F40+ Female 38:12.5
136 Tracy Philp F40+ Female 39:39.1
137 Allan Dunbar M40+ Male 39:40.3
146 Gilly Marshall F40+ Female 40:26.7
157 Daniel Greens MS Male 42:53.7

Full Results:

Allan’s extended route:

Many thanks to Aldo and Michael for taking pics and dishing out encouragement. The support of them and all the partners/families is so important to us runners.

Thanks to Alex Corbett for these action shots:

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2 comments on Peebles – Borders cross country Sunday, February 4, 2018

  1. Dave says:

    Great efforts all round, juniors & seniors alike! Don’t think your mud was as trying as our “Masters” experienced at Kilmarnock though. You got a great day for it.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Sunday was a lovely day and I was lucky enough to be sent to a marshalling post facing south and in the sun. You were all looking great when you slogged up the hill past me, except Daniel who was a bit muddy. Well done all for getting round the course and well done to our Juniors, Calum, Glen and Duncan, great to see them there.

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