Carnethy 5 10th Feb 2018

The weather was much better than had been forecast, we had a bit of sleet at the start of the race but this soon blew over and we even had patches of sunshine. It was the usual stampede to Scald Law and once on the uphill your position is somewhat set as there isn’t much room to overtake unless you want to expend a lot of energy jumping over the heather. Once at the summit it is possible to gain a few places as the track widens. Coming off South black hill was a slippery affair and care needed to be exercised in finding a firm foothold. Puffing my way up the Kips there was Billy taking pictures, he appeared again near the summit of Carnethy (how does he move so fast?!), it’s always nice to see a friendly face during a race. Coach Dave was also there doing his bit to help with the timing as we made our way up Carnethy. The descent was frantic as ever and I focused on not losing too many places here (too focused to spot Bill on the hillside!), again I got a bit stuck behind some other runners on a narrow track, once we hit the flat I was off and raced to the finish with all I had left in me. The hot tea being served in the tents was very welcome and after a bit of a blether we quickly dispersed. Congratulations to Robert on completing his 21st C5 and Chris on completing his 30th. The rest of us have a way to go to catch up!

79 258 01:03:55 Des Crowe M50 4
104 338 01:06:13 Michael Greens M 66
182 289 01:12:15 Allan Dunbar M40 45
183 344 01:12:16 Julian Hall M50 22
218 31 01:15:29 Gillian Cairns F40 25 9
226 361 01:16:14 Alasdair Hind M40 59
305 269 01:21:50 Craig Davenport M40 74
314 579 01:22:42 Robert Walker M50 55
323 286 01:23:41 Tim Doyle M50 56
366 343 01:27:26 Robin Hall M40 91
395 88 01:31:23 Sadie Kemp F40 82 27
419 339 01:35:00 Daniel Greens M 131
432 109 01:36:42 Gilly Marshall F40 102 30
436 30 01:37:32 Christopher Downie M50 74
483 220 01:49:07 Andy Briggs M 135

Full results:

Thanks to Billy Colvin for these great pics:

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  1. Dave says:

    With my nose buried in recording board I’m afraid I missed some of you but it did look to be a great day for it and well done to all in getting round, must have been a bit slippy in places! Great to see some of you at training last night “easing off” with a few hill sprints at Mauricewood Road; it was a bit of a change in the weather from Saturday.

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