Borders series cross country at Galashiels 17th Feb 2018

Harriers did themselves proud again at the borders series at Galashiels. Superb effort from young and not so young. 🙂 Great to see Yan out on the course cheering us on even if he did have a green hoodie on!

Race report and footage of the starts can be seen here:


75 Lewis Cairns M10-11 10 14:53.6
92 Calum Hind M10-11 11 16:05.0
100 Duncan Hind M8-9 8 18:27.1
101 Glen Dawson M8-9 8 18:31.4


46 Michael Greens MS 26:58.8
56 Allan Dunbar M40+ 28:13.7
63 Gillian Cairns F40+ 28:55.6
74 Alasdair Hind M40+ 29:53.3
86 Ian Forrest M60+ 30:54.4
98 Robin Hall M40+ 31:46.5
99 Juliane Friedrich FS 31:50.5
107 Daniel Greens MS 32:40.7
108 Jan Dawson F40+ 32:44.4
119 Sadie Kemp F40+ 33:35.9
151 Andrew McDermott MS 38:06.3
169 Ngeme Ntuli M50+ 41:43.9

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One comment on Borders series cross country at Galashiels 17th Feb 2018

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Some great running at Gala by both our youngsters and the not so young. I enjoyed the Radio borders clip with all these good looking Harriers and I wasn’t surprised to see that Mike Pearson is not as tall as Doddie Weir.

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