3 Eildons Trail Race

Allan, Andy and I made it to this year’s Eildons trail race, a lovely 10 miler starting with the hills and then lots of muddy trail. This is a great race for getting a little bit more mileage in after the short XC races over the winter. Conditions were good for running and there was slightly less mud than last year. Allan and I managed PBs by a small margin, despite going past the turn to the hills along with two thirds of the field, not so great when you’re nearer the front group of runners. This made the hills section slightly less enjoyable only because we were trying to pass folk who’d either turned back before us or actually gone the right way. We really should know the route by now!

As usual there was a great spread of food after the race, much needed after losing all of our body heat on the cool down back to the rugby club. Definitely one of my favourite races!

25th Allan Dunbar 01:35:04 (always catches me!!)

26th Gill Cairns 01:35:16 (2nd lady)

101st Andy Briggs 02:08:53

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