Chirnside cross country borders series 2018

This race had been cancelled due to snow the previous week so we were all glad to get a chance to complete the series and do the final race. There was still a bit of snow on the ground but it was a lovely mild day. Conditions underfoot were extremely muddy in places. The route was changed slightly from previous years being 2 laps instead of a longer loop. Massive well done to all who made the long journey down and put in a great effort. Special congratulations to Gillian who won herself prize.

51 Lewis Cairns M10-11 18:49.0
59 Calum Hind M10-11 19:48.0
70 Duncan Hind M8-9 21:36.0
76 Glen Dawson M8-9 23:03.0

Full results:

6 Billy Colvin M40+ 29:34.5
19 Michael Greens MS 33:13.6
27 Gillian Cairns F40+ 34:52.5
31 Alasdair Hind M40+ 36:20.6
50 Jan Dawson F40+ 38:50.9
59 Sadie Kemp F40+ 40:53.0
66 Chris Downie M50+ 41:40.0
72 Daniel Greens MS 44:41.2
91 Ngeme Ntuli M50+ 54:11.9

Full results:

Series standings:

59 Lewis Cairns
65 Calum Hind
77 Duncan Hind
78 Glen Dawson

Full results:


8 Gillian Cairns
20 Jan Dawson
26 Sadie Kemp
29 Juliane Friedrich
38 Tracy Philp
50 Gilly Marshall


28 Billy Colvin
35 Michael Greens
52 Allan Dunbar
62 Alasdair Hind
79 William Dickson
89 Daniel Greens
92 Ian Forrest
92 Robin Hall
102 Charlie Crawford
114 Ngeme Ntuli
121 Andrew McDermott

Full results:

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One comment on Chirnside cross country borders series 2018

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Good to see all these smiling faces running through the white mud and our juniors obviously enjoying themselves. Congrats to Gillian for another fine series as 2nd F40.

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