Hunters Bog Trot

A few of us harriers made it along to the Hunters Bog Trot race this year on a lovely sunny day, possibly our one day of summer :-). This is a short and fun race hosted by the Hunters Bog Trotters. It always involves a hilarious pre – race briefing and some crazy spot prizes at the end, such as a brown jigsaw puzzle, some brown fabric dye…..

The race was as painful as always; the climb up the Radical Road is tough and none of us had been training in warm temperatures until now, so it felt a bit toasty. It’s a great speedy race to do, with a bit of hill thrown in, and much handier than most of the hill races. We had some ice cream at the finish too.

Des Crowe: 29th 33:58

Michael Greens: 39th 35:35

Rob Wilson: 43rd 36:28

Gill Cairns: 50th (1st F40) 37:09

Sadie Kemp: 84th 43:55

Chris Downie: 100th 47:08

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6 comments on Hunters Bog Trot

  1. Jan says:

    Well done all, and another great result for Gillian!

  2. Dave says:

    That’ll be HBT flakes in the ice cream then, was it beer flavoured?

  3. Sadie Kemp says:

    More beer for Gillian! You are amazing.

  4. Bill Bennet says:

    Good to see our runners smiling, perhaps because they’re all eating ice cream. Gillian was smiling and she was 1st F40 – well done Gillian. It looked a lovely sunny day, perhaps the last day of summer!

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