Gypsy Glen 16-May-2018

What else would I do on my birthday, but run a hill race? Weather was fab and a great turnout from the club. Gillian was out on the hill dishing out encouragement and taking pics and Bill was there at the start/finish. Fun had by all!

17 Michael Greens M 00:37:28 119.90%
22 Duncan Ball M40 00:38:51 124.30%
33 Allan Dunbar M40 00:41:09 131.70%
52 Robin Hall M40 00:45:00 144.00%
53 Sadie Kemp F40 00:45:30 145.60%
56 Ian Forrest M40 00:46:12 147.80%
59 Juliane Friedrich F 00:47:09 150.90%
61 Tracy Philp F40 00:47:55 153.30%
63 Scott McIntosh M40 00:49:24 158.10%
65 Mark Dawson M40 00:49:45 159.20%

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2 comments on Gypsy Glen 16-May-2018

  1. Dave says:

    Great efforts all round. That was your warm up for last Tuesdays handicap Sadie (I really need to sharpen my pencil, you and Lori did me over there).

  2. Gill Cairns says:

    It was a lovely night for spectating too!
    What better way to celebrate birthdays Sadie :-). Great harriers turnout for the race – well done all!

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