CAAC 5 mile Road Race 2018

Being one of the harriers Grand Prix races this was sure to attact a few of our runners. Its a nice distance and quite unusual in the running calendar. The route is undulating with many club runners and its easy to get carried away and go off too fast which is what happened to a few of us. It was a warm and sunny evening making it very pleasant at the start but hard going as the race continued. Lots of nice snacks at the end and a bottle of water to refresh before the journey home.

44 30:39:00 Ritchie Thomson SM
59 31:41:00 Michael Greens SM
84 32:07:00 Allan Dunbar 40M
130 35:56:00 Robin Hall 40M
131 36:02:00 Charlie Crawford SM
142 36:33:00 Sadie Kemp 40W

Full results:

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One comment on CAAC 5 mile Road Race 2018

  1. Dave says:

    Well done guys and great to see everyone in club vests; POWER TO THE PURPLE!

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