Seven hills of Edinburgh 2018

Thankfully not as hot as last year!

23 Adam Gray 1:56:01
130 Michael Greens 2:22:53
159 Kevin Anderson 2:28:57
187 Charlie Crawford 2:40:23

21 Gordon Bee 2:25:56
50 Sadie Kemp 2:33:26
101 Mark Dawson 3:03:39

Full results:

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    4 comments on Seven hills of Edinburgh 2018

    1. gilly says:

      Well done everyone, I missed the race this year, hopefully get my coaster next year.

    2. Dave says:

      Glad I managed to catch most of you on Craiglockhart Hill, urban orienteering at it’s best.

    3. Gregor Gorjanc says:

      Great efforts!!!What’s the difference between race and challenge?

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