Philliphaugh Hill Race


This is a nice race that follows similar paths to the Feel the Burns race but is half the distance. Shiela Cochrane organises both races and both raise money for Tweed Valley Mountain rescue. It was pretty rainy as we headed down to Selkirk and it stayed that way for most of the race.  The main climb is up to the Three Bretheren, that we could barely see today and then you head downhill and across the moor before climbing Foulshiels Hill and continuing along the pretty rocky, peaty paths. The route surface changes a lot for the second half of the race as you run through fields and woodland before reaching the final few fields for some easy running to finish the race. Thank goodness for lots of marshals and signage because this route changes all the time.

Hats off to Shiela Cochrane for organising this race and grateful thanks to her army of marshals!

14th Graham Flockhart 59m 44s
33rd  Mark Denholm !h 9m 53s
47th Susie Maxwell 1h 22m 56s




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  1. Rob Wilson says:

    probably should have changed the GP to this race. Descent off Dollar was a bit of a nightmare from what I heard.

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