Seven hills of Edinburgh 2019

I love this race, with it’s chaotic vibe. I seem to manage to find a different route every year! We had great weather and it was fantastic to have Dave and Michael out taking pics and giving encouragement.


26 Craig Davenport 2:28:35
95 Sadie Kemp 2:43:35
118 Anna Close 2:48:11
138 Susan Maxwell 2:52:27

131 Raymond Richford 2:25:25
167 Charlie Crawford 2:36:16

Allotment pics:

Michael Philp’s pics:

Our doubler:

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    One comment on Seven hills of Edinburgh 2019

    1. David Cairns says:

      It was great seeing you all on Craiglockart (NB I wasn’t racing, just a wee Sunday jog before/after spectating but “Mikes the Lense” is everywhere.

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