North Berwick law race

Leaving Penicuik in torrential rain had us questioning our sanity in persuing this race. However when we got to North Berwick the black clouds stayed in the distance and we enjoyed a slippery but dry race. Sarah got third lady and we enjoyed icecream afterwards. Great to have Dave there timekeeping. 🙂

10 Adam Gray Sen 22.55
24 Sarah McKechnie Lady 24.13
87 Julie Hand Lady 28.29
89 Juliane Freidrich Lady 28.34
120 Sadie Kemp Lady V 30.36
146 Tommy Montgomery Sen 32.22
158 Sarah Morton Lady V 32.55
160 Susie Maxwell Lady V 33.01

Race report
Full results:

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  1. David Cairns says:

    Yes, it was with trepidation that I set off for North Berwick but so glad I was there to see you all in action. Sarah did us proud, not only in taking 3rd lady spot but in her honesty in questioning when called up to receive 2nd lady prize.
    Susies weeks of novice hill runs paid of to with Tommy completing his first Hill race.

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