Lakeland 50

I wrote a very long, detailed and ultimately boring race report on the L50. I deleted it. Here is Version 2.

I hurt my ankle. I didn’t think I would make the start line. I ran anyway, it hurt, it rained – A LOT! There were a lot of hills, the checkpoints were fab, the volunteers amazing! Carol Martin kept me on the right path in the dark and stopped me getting lost in the bog. The last bit was really tough and I thought I might not make it, but I did. I finished. The medal was huge! Don’t run on a busted ankle, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

But who said we should do as we’re told! Not me!!



No:  1005
Name:  Gilly Marshall
Course:  Lakeland 50
Category: FV40
Result: 16:03:06


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4 comments on Lakeland 50

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    What a cleverly written report; I’ve been trying to write a clever reply but I’ve failed: so you’ve beaten me too.
    What a tremendous performance in the circumstances. Well done Gilly.

  2. Sadie Kemp says:

    Wow Gilly, is there nothing that can stand in your way? Huge kudos to you for getting through that with a sore ankle. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. X

  3. David Cairns says:

    I can vouch for that!
    Quite how you (or your fellow Ultra compatriots) raise yourselves to these challenges time after time I do not know. What I do know however is that you all possess a mental strength and determination that I can only admire; even though my advice is not always taken on board.
    An immense effort, particularly given the circumstances, hopefully you’re on the mend and that there is no lasting damage.

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