Lomonds of fife 2019

Distance 16 km
Climb 750 m

Despite how nice the weather looks in the pictures we had some pretty testing conditions. It was raining when we arrived at Strathmiglo and Juliane and I sheltered in the car for as long as possible (making use of the time to enter the Pentland Skyline race). It was jackets on/off/on as we approached the start and met up with Des and Kate. Once we set off up the hill it quickly warmed up. As we headed off the forestry track and up through the trees I could hear shouts as a few folk had missed the turn. They quickly came hurtling past. It was an enjoyable run up to East Lomond and Des went by me at this point (he was ‘not racing’! But still managed a great time and position). On route to West Lomond the weather broke properly and we were treated to a heavy rain shower that felt like needles on bare skin. It was heads down and run through it. There was also a head wind on this section so it felt tough. The descent from West Lomond was altered to avoid the accidents of the previous year. This seemed sensible and actually a bit of a relief although it did mean doubling back for the Bunnet stone. After that it was a free for all in terms to return route and it was interesting to see the different strategies runners took, some descending quickly and others like me trying to contour round to save a bit of distance. After a final run through the trees, the last bit of tarmac was hard going and I have to say I preferred it when the start and finish was in the woods. At least the walk to the village hall is shorter and there was plently of grub and hot tea to revive weary bodies and souls. Thanks to the lovely marshals and organisers for a fab event and the photographer who got some great shots of us out on the hills. Thanks also to Kate for dropping off my bottle of wine for 2nd FV40. 🙂

12 Des Crowe M50 1:49:38
56 Sadie Kemp F40 2:08:30
62 Juliane Friedrich F 2:14:57
77 Kate Crowe F50 2:27:00

Full results: http://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk/RaceResults.aspx?RaceID=RA-0196&RaceYear=2019

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2 comments on Lomonds of fife 2019

  1. David Cairns says:

    Great photos and well done team, looks like near perfect conditions, rain, what rain? Great effort Sadie, another rostrum place for the HARRIERS!

  2. gilly says:

    Well done everyone, love that you took the time to enter another race while waiting for the Lomonds to begin 🙂

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