Pentland skyline 2019

Another super skyline. So much support from our wonderful club members. Rob Wilson summed it up perfectly:

Can I just say, on behalf of all who ran today, thanks for the amazing support. Epic…. especially as you were mostly in the first half when we were all nice and fresh.
Gillian Cairns (and Lewis) , Mark Snodgrass, Gilly Marshall, Kirsty, Jan Dawson, Julian Hall, Juliane Friedrich, Kate Crowe, Alan Dunbar, Rachel Drummond and of course the beautiful Andrea.

30 Adam Gray M 3:02:32 125.5%
90 Rob Wilson M40 3:35:42 148.3%
175 Sadie Kemp F40 4:15:19 175.5%
228 Mark Dawson M50 4:46:26 196.9%
232 Tracy Philp F40 4:48:00 198.0%
233 Susie Maxwell F40 4:48:00 198.0%

Below are a selection of Michael Philp’s pictures:

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  1. David Cairns says:

    Well done everyone, competitors and supporters alike. Sorry I missed this one but as you will be aware, I was facing my own demons!

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