Feel the Burns 19-Jan-2020

Distance 21.4 km
Climb 800 m

The weather was mild this year which gave us near perfect running conditions bar the mud. As always this is a much enjoyed race by the harriers, could that be something to do with the lentil soup and haggis pie at the finish? 😉

Full results: https://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk/RaceResults.aspx?RaceID=RA-0299&Year=2020

87 Rob Wilson M40 2:04:09 146.0%
141 Yan Horsburgh M50 2:14:53 158.6%
176 Sadie Kemp F40 2:21:53 166.8%
194 Tracy Philp F40 2:30:23 176.8%
198 Gilly Marshall F40 2:31:11 177.8%
251 Mark Dawson M50 2:55:12 206.0%

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